Saturday, January 30, 2016

Money Making Apps to Use Before, During & After Shopping

I know there are a lot of people out there that are on a tight budget, so shopping isn't always fun.  But it does get better when you know you can get some of that money you are spending back.  When you don't have a lot of money to work with, saving and making a few extra bucks where you can is always great.  I wanted to share a few apps with you that will help you get some of your hard earned money back because you deserve it.  Some of these apps are check in apps, while others are rebate apps, but I will specify what each app has to offer you.

       *Earn kicks (points) just for walking in stores
       *Earn kicks for scanning items inside stores
       *Earn kicks for referring friends and family
       *Cash in your kicks for gift cards
       *Available on iTunes and Google Play Store
       *Over 15 million people use this amazing App
         (To sign up, click the Shopkick in blue above)

       *Earn cash back for groceries and retail shopping
       *Rebates from 20 cents to $10 and sometimes even more
       *Cash out straight to Paypal or Venmo
       *Always adding new stores to their list
       *Right now they are running a special, earn $10 for signing up with someone
         (To sign up, click the blue Ibotta above)

       *Earn cash back for groceries and personal care items
       *Cash out to you PayPal account
       *Doesnt need to be bought at specific store
          (To sign up, click the blue SNAP above)

        *Earn cash back while shopping online (go through there site first)
        *You can now link a credit card to earn cash back in store
        *Find deals for any store
        *Earn more money by inviting your friends and family
         (To sign up click the blue Ebates above)

         *Earn points for checking into stores
         *Earn points scanning items in store
         *Earn points by completing offers or watching short videos
         *Earn points, cash & prizes by spinning the prize wheel
         *Use your points for gift cards, prizes or to enter sweepstakes
           (To sign up, go to the App Store or Google play store and download the app)
            (When signing up, use my referral code-Courtneyn22 for bonus points)