Tuesday, March 15, 2016


When it comes to shopping, most people want to get the most out of their money! 
I want to help you, not only save money, but also make money by downloading one FREE, easy to use App!  It is available on Android and IOS and I also have pay proof posted below to show you I got paid! Before I even exited the Ibotta app, while I was requesting to be paid, I was already getting a PayPal notification that my money was in my account already! How great is that?

And if you sign up right now and upload your first receipt, you will earn from whichever rebate you choose, plus a $10 Welcome Bonus for using my referral code at sign up! This is only for a limited time!  So you can go to Stop & Shop, Shaws, Walmart, 7-11, or any other store listed and buy something as cheap as a loaf of bread and receive your $0.25 rebate plus the $10 Welcome Bonus! 
Then if you have 2 friends or family members that use your referral code today, you will earn $5 from each of them and be able to cash out to PayPal today! How easy is that?!?!

So, your first step would be to click the link---->https://ibotta.com/r/k2dg and sign up.  Then it will prompt you to download the app! All you will do after it downloads is sign in, select grocery, choose the store your receipt is from, choose which items you bought and upload your receipt! That's it! Then you will receive your $10 Welcome Bonus, plus however much you earned back from your rebates. This adds up very quickly, so in no time you will be cashing out and getting back money. If you don't use the link above and you just download the app first, when you sign up, enter referral code k2dg, if you don't, you will not receive the $10 Welcome Bonus!

They also offer team bonuses. So because I have a large team already, you will have the chance to earn bonuses all month long, every month. Plus, you don't just earn from groceries, but also household products, personal care products, clothing and more. There are also large rebates of $5 and up for shopping at specific stores, such as Best Buy, Hallmark, Aeropostale, Amazon and they are adding more and more stores all the time.  

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