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What is a Freebie Incentive Site?

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Thank You for stopping by! Today I wanted to explain what a Freebie Incentive site is. I currently work a few of these sites and I always have a lot of people interested in joining, but most are confused about what kind of site it is, what they have to offer and how it all works. So today I am going to break it all down and explain everything.

What is a Freebie Incentive Site?

Ok, so first this entire process begins because companies are looking for new customers to try their product or service. These companies will usually give a new customer a free or discounted trial offer of their product or service, but they need somewhere to advertise to get these new customers. This is where they hire affiliate networks. The affiliate networks create a website called a Freebie Incentive site, which advertises any number of different companies products or services. Now the affiliate network gets paid by these companies to advertise these offers and then they turn around and pay cash and prizes to people, such as you and I to refer new customers to these sites.

Why Do They Have These Sites?

These sites began to pop up more frequently when people started spending more time online, rather than watching television at home. Big companies were spending millions of dollars advertising on television commercials that barely anyone was seeing. Either people were online or people were recording shows with devices like DVR and hitting fast forward through the commercials. So instead of wasting their money this way, these companies chose to spend their advertising budgets a new way. With everyone going crazy over the internet and more people looking for ways to make money online, these companies made the smart decision to pay individuals for word of mouth advertising. That is why when you sign up on one of these sites, you are not an employee, you are an Independent Referral Agent and once you earn more than $600, you will receive a 1099 tax form at the beginning of the following year.

What Does The Credits Mean?

Just about every site on the network I use, are all one credit sites, meaning you need to complete one or more offers that equal one full credit to get your account active to start referring others. Each offer has a different credit value, such as .25, .50 or 1.0. For example, if you choose an offer that is .25 credit, you need to do one or more offers that equal .75. There are also some offers that are a full credit. The offer are always changing, so be sure to check them often.

How Can I get Paid and How Often?

One of the many reasons I chose LFK Product Networks, is because their payout options are much better than the competitors. This network has many options to choose from to get paid, such as instant Paypal payments, direct deposit to your own bank account or you can request a check or a money order. Each site pays out differently if you choose a check or money order. I believe money orders are sent weekly and checks are sent daily. But, the best part is if you choose direct deposit or Paypal, the payments are instant, depending on the time of day. I choose Paypal and just about everytime I have requested a payout, my money is there in under an hour, sometimes even in a half hour. I believe this is the best option because you can also request a Paypal debit card and have instant access to your money. If you do not want your money only after one referral or you do not want it daily, but still want direct deposit or Paypal, that is fine because you can put in your order to be paid out whenever you want. So you can save up 10 referrals before you request a payment if that is what you choose to do. If you do not even want cash and instead you would like a prize, such as an iPhone or a Playstation, all you have to do is put in a support ticket and they will honor your wish. Now the reason I say LFK is the best for payouts because other networks, such as ZNZ and Superior Freebies pay you the next day.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are interested in learning more about what you have to do to start referring others and making money yourself, you can contact me through one of the links below. Or if you are ready to get started and do not need my help, choose which site you would like to begin and click the link to get started, the site will take you through step by step.
This site is My Cash Freebies Fast Track site, which usually pays $10 Per referral but right now they are giving a 25% bonus, so we get paid $12.50 per referral. My Cash Freebies Fast Track
This is My Cash Freebies Express, which usually pays $20 per referral but right now they are giving a 25% bonus, so we get paid $25 per referral. My Cash Freebies Express
This is Zazz Freebies 50, which usually pays $50 per referral but right now they are giving a 25% bonus, so we get paid $62.50 per referral. Zazz Freebies

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